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Small Business Solutions and Support

There are an estimated 21.1 million businesses world wide with more than one computer, but no sever or network. Additionally another 1.1 million companies are operating their businesses on out-dated and vulnerable technology, putting themselves at risk.*
In Kentucky alone there are 317,115 small businesses. Of the 83,096 firms in the state with employees, 97% or 80,595 are small businesses.**
There is a growing need for the proper infrastructure on which to run your business, and chances are that if you are a small business, you have that need!
That is why THC Solutions, has become a Registered Partner of Microsoft. We do this in order to bring to you the best solutions for your business.
THC Solutions understands your business needs and has a comprehensive plan for helping you reach your goals.
Rather than patch-working and piece-mealing your business's Information Technology needs, let THC Solutions provide you with a comprehensive and proactive approach. Let THC Solutions be the partner that your business needs for, "Bringing I.T. to Your Business."


*Microsoft Corporation
**Office for Small Business Advocacy